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See how we’re raising money for Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital – and how you can help.

Linda’s Wish

Over recent months, we at Donnachie Roofing along with businesses and individuals throughout the Penistone area have been raising money for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Funds have been raised either by directly contributing to the page or by sponsoring the a sports car bought specially for the project.

If you’d like to contribute please visit the official justgiving page, wher you can securely make a payment online.

Alternatively (or as well!) you can sponsor the car by getting in touch with John directly at

Below is the story behind how the fund scheme was started.
Thanks to TITO (Time in Time Out) for the original article.

A Driving Force for Linda’s Wish

We all know how difficult it is to grieve for a loved one especially when that person has undergone many months of treatment for cancer. Local businessman John Donnachie sadly lost his partner Linda to cancer in September 2019.

“Linda was a little lady with a big heart…always thinking of others. During the course of her treatment she was moved by the bravery of sick children also undergoing the same course of rigorous treatment, acknowledging how difficult it must be for them and their families.

“When I lost my beloved Linda I felt that I had to repay the great care she received and also something that Linda was so passionate about and would make her very proud,” says John.

As a tribute to Linda, John’s mission is to raise funds for the refurbishment of the Children’s Cancer Ward at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital through sponsorship/donations from local businesses and the public.

John purchased a Mazda MX5 convertible sports car which will be displayed at various hospitality events locally and further afield. The car will be decorated with company logos from businesses that support this great cause as graphic shields on the vehicle.

The car will also be available to use for a day.

John will be donating the car for children who are currently undergoing treatment to have some great fun with the rooftop down. All charges for sponsorship and use of the car will be donated directly to the Sheffield Children’s hospital.

Whilst this is a very difficult time for all due to the pandemic especially some small businesses so John states that any donation no matter how small it is makes a massive difference. All advertising costs will be borne by John Donnachie Roofing Contractor. Tito magazine are also supporting this great cause and are promoting the fundraising throughout Yorkshire in their publications.

Visit the Just Giving web page or sponsor the car

You can donate directly via the JustGiving page at the link below.

If you’d like to sponsor the car and have a named shield or scroll on the body work please get in touch directly with John either via the Contact page or calling him on 01226 767676 or 07501 256822.

01226 767676 or 07501 256822

Visit the JustGiving Site >